Two summer recitals featuring the UCSB Carillon

  1. August 16, 2015 - 2:00pm
  2. August 23, 2015 - 2:00pm


  • Photo Credit:  Spencer Bruttig

Chu was recently awarded first place in the Treasury of Contemporary Advanced Event  and the Showcase Piano Solo Advanced Evenat the 23rd Annual United States Open Piano along with the 2015 Thomas More Storke Award.

The following events are free to UCSB students:

Listening to your body • 3/31-04/01/2015
The Czech-American Horn Duo• 04/09/2015
Montage: A Celebration of Genres • 04/12/2015
CREATE Concert • 04/15/2015
Without Art Humanity Has Never & Can Never Exist”: Ethics, Music, and Industrial Capitalism • 04/22/2015
Percussion Ensemble Concert • 5/20/2015
ECM Spring Concert  • 05/27/2015
University Wind Ensemble • 05/28/2015
Chamber Choir/Women’s Chorus Concert  • 05/29/2015
The Middle East Ensemble • 05/30/2015

MMXIV: Music in Memory > < Isla Vista 2014 • 5/31/2015
Orchestra / Chamber Players Concert • 06/01/2015
Jazz Concert  • 06/03/2015
Music of India Concert  • 06/04/2015
Gospel Choir Concert  • 06/05/2015


There's no need to purchase advance tickets (your UCSB ID is enough to get you in), but please remember free seating is limited and preference will be given to ticket holders in the event of a sell-out show.

UCSB Amplified

UCSB Amplified

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