Departmental Forms & Procedures

All Request forms must be submitted to the appropriate staff member at least one week prior to the performance.

Production and Events




Student Employment

Student Waiver of Liability/Campus Guest Waiver of Liability


Faculty Forms

Fall 2020 Faculty Forms


Audition, Jury & Recital Guidelines by Area

Undergrad Audition, Jury, Recital & Senior Project Forms

Senior Project Proposal Form
Prior to registering for 192A, the Senior Project Advisor and Student should fill out this form as an agreement of what the expected project. Return this form to the undergraduate advisor to receive an approval code for 192A.

Senior Project, Audition-Jury, and Composition Approval Form (SPAC)  (fill digitally & save)
To be completed after all auditions, juries, composition portfolios or senior projects has been satisfactorily completed.

Undergraduate Recital Appproval Form 
To be completed after each  BM recital (Junior or Senior) has been performed and passed.

PLO Assessment Form (all areas) 
A Google Form to be completed by each Audition, Jury or Recital committee member, after a BM audition, jury or recital performance. Sophomore Juries and Senior Recitals should include Program Notes and attach to the PLO assessment Form.

Distinction in the Major