Music of India (photo by Eric Isaacs)
Students in Professor Scott Marcus' beginning sitar class (Music of India Ensemble)
The Ethnomusicology Program consists of core courses in three areas: Regional Studies, including the Middle East, South Asia, Eastern Europe, American folk and vernacular music, Japan, Indonesia, and Mexico; Issues - such as anthropology of music, globalization, cosmopolitanism, tourism, sound studies, and gender studies; and Methods - such as theories and methods in ethnomusicology, fieldwork, tuning & temperament, and maqam. The program has the following performance ensembles: Middle East Ensemble, Music of India Ensemble, Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble, Gospel Choir, and periodically, a Polish Ensemble, an Appalachian Ensemble, and an Afro-Brazilian Ensemble. 

Degrees Offered


Scott Marcus | Professor
Timothy J. Cooley | Professor
Ruth Hellier-Tinoco | Professor
David Novak | Associate Professor
Victor Bell | Continuing Lecturer
Richard North | Lecturer
Bahram Osqueezadeh | Lecturer
Susan Rudnicki | Lecturer

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Successes

The Ethnomusicology Program takes great pride in students who have won prestigious academic positions and fellowships.

Academic Positions held by Alumni

Kara Attrep | Bowling Green State University
James R. Carr | University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Sonja Downing | Lawrence University
Denise Gill | Washington University in St. Louis
Lillie Gordon | University of Tennessee Knoxville
Kenneth S. Habib | Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo   
Max Katz | College of William and Mary
Eve McPherson | Case Western Reserve University   
Katherine L. Meizel | Bowling Green State University
Jane Freeman Moulin | University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Gibb Schreffler | Pomona College

Graduate Student Fellowships and Awards

Sonja Downing | Fulbright Hays Fellowship and a Pacific Rim Fellowship for research in Bali
Eve McPherson | Fulbright Hays Fellowship for research in Turkey
Matt Dorman | Fulbright Fellowship for research in Finland
Katherine L. Meizel | Media, Religion and Culture Fellowship for research at University of Colorado, Boulder
Kara Attrep | Hagley Museum Dissertation Fellowship in Wilmington, Delaware
Max Katz | American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Research Fellowship for research in India
Gibb Schreffler | Fulbright Hays Fellowship for research in India
Denise Gill | Two-time Fulbright IIE for research in Turkey
Lillie Gordon | Fulbright Hays Fellowship for research in Egypt
Eric Ederer | Fulbright Hays Fellowship and ARCE Fellowship for research in Turkey
Phil Murphy | Fulbright IIE Graduate Fellowship and AIMS Fellowship for research in Morocco
Justin Scarimbolo | Fulbright Hays Fellowship for research in India

Alumni Publications

James R. Carr 
Thomas Greenland
Jazzing (University of Illinois Press, 2016)
Max Katz
Denise Gill 
Katherine Meizel