Jared Holton

Jared Holton
Graduate Student




Jared Holton is a doctoral candidate and Chancellor's fellow in Ethnomusicology with an interdisciplinary emphasis in Global Studies at UCSB. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in piano performance, intercultural studies, and music education, with over seven years experience teaching private and classroom-based music curricula. On the stage, his performances range from solo piano concerts, collaborative work in the Western Classical repertoire, and most recently as 'ud and vocal performer with the Middle East Ensemble at UCSB. He came to UCSB after nearly five years of teaching music in Western Libya within several institutions, namely the University of Tripoli, and performing music with a variety of local and expatriate musicians. 
His research topic investigates the transmission and effectivity of the ma'luf tradition, an Andalusian music within Tunisia and Libya. This project explores the historical and ethnographic circulations of Andalusian music between coastal cities and across political borders, and how movement and consistent human migration have sustained these traditions. Other research interests include the connections between music, religion, and soundscapes; globalization and musical practices; and music pedagogy.