Eugenia Siegel Conte

Graduate Student




Eugenia Siegel Conte is a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After completing an MA in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University, during which she researched identity in choral music and performance in Oahu, Hawai'i, she broadened her scholarly interests to include voice studies and sound studies, and how they may be applied to choral musical practice. Her current projects focus on her experiences singing with and observing semi-professional and professional choirs in North America and Europe. She is the incoming editor of the Society for Ethnomusicology Student News, a student-run biannual publication.



"Review: Congregational Conflict and Community," Yale Journal of Music & Religion: Vol. 4: No. 2, Article 6 (2018).  DOI:

SEM Student News                     

"Animating Ideas, Evoking Movement." SEM Student News 15.1 (2019): 21-22.

“After the Mudslides: The Ethics of Singing, Witnessing, and Fieldwork.” With Lauren Vanderlinden. SEM Student News 14:1 (2018); 51-53. 

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Smithsonian Folkways

“UNESCO Collection Week 52: Traditional Music from Armenia and Yemen.” Smithsonian Folkways guest album review of “Yemen – Songs from the Hadramawt.”


Royal Musical Association Music & Philosophy Study Group 7th Biannual Conference

July 2019 (forthcoming)    King’s College London, UK

“Physical and Affective Space: Linking Cathedral to Choir through the Eton Choirbook”

Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting

November 2018   Albuquerque, NM

“Chorality Re-Sounded in the Recovery Zone: Singing through Mud in Montecito, CA”

*With Lauren Vanderlinden

Sonic Fluidities Graduate Music Conference

March 2018          UC San Diego, CA

“Sounding Sacred: Reconstituting Secular Sonic Space through Chorality.”

Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting

October 2017       Denver, CO

“Voices in the Vaults: Tuning, Soundscape, Embodiment, and the Eton Choirbook.”

Resonance – Fourth Annual Interdisciplinary Conference

May 2017              Graduate Center for Literary Research, UC Santa Barbara

“Empty Echoes: Open Space and Cultural Loss in Estonian Choral Practice.”

International Association for the Study of Popular Music Annual Conference

May 2016              Calgary, AL, Canada

“Sounding Subcultural Hawai‘i: Song and Soundscape in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants.”

Yale Graduate Music Symposium – “Sonic Limits: Music and its Borders”

March 2016          New Haven, CT

“Kama’aina Choirs: Embodied voices performing multiple identities in Hawai’i.”