Minorities in a War-Peace Continuum: How Applied Ethnomusicology Can Help

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:45pm

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  • Music Library Seminar Room 2406

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Free and open to the public

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Adriane Hill
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Svanibor Pettan
Svanibor Pettan (University of Ljubljana) will present a talk titled "Minorities in a War-Peace Continuum: How Applied Ethnomusicology Can Help" on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 from 3:30-4:45 pm in Music Library Seminar Room 2406. Sponsored by Ethnomusicology Forum.


A series of mutually related wars that marked the end of Yugoslavia in the 1990s reinstated the issue of minorities as an important factor for understanding the complex web of interethnic relations in Europe. Minority status was associated with the lack of security and all parties involved in the war fought to avoid it, while music was there to support their claims. In the subsequent peaceful decades, to the opposite, several communities in Europe use music to strengthen their positions when seeking the official minority status. This lecture will provide insight into the current state of the study of music and minorities, mainly in the context of the International Council for Traditional Music, and features the author's new frame of ten research approaches to this topic. Finally, selected projects are used to examine the potentials of applied ethnomusicology in the scholarly work on the war-peace continuum.

About the Speaker

Svanibor Pettan is professor and chair in ethnomusicology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His academic degrees are from universities in Croatia, Slovenia, and the USA, while his fieldwork sites include former Yugoslav lands, Australia, Egypt, Norway, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tanzania, and the USA. The prevalent themes in his publications are music, politics and war, multiculturalism, minorities, gender, and applied ethnomusicology. Besides books and articles, he presents his ideas in other formats (CD, CD-ROM, picture exhibition, film). Among his recent publications are The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology, co-edited with Jeff Todd Titon, and the film with study-guide Kosovo Through the Eyes of Local Romani (Gypsy) Musicians. He was visiting professor at a dozen universities in Asia, Europe, and North America (in Spring semester 2019 at UC Berkeley) and gave close to a hundred invited lectures worldwide. He is past Secretary General and current Vice President of the International Council for Traditional Music, founder of its Study group on applied ethnomusicology and Chairperson of its Study group on music and minorities.  


Svanibor Pettan