Corwin Chair Series: Now Hear Ensemble

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Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 8:00pm

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  • UCSB Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall

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Free (no reservation required)

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Adriane Hill
Marketing and Communications Manager
UC Santa Barbara Department of Music
(805) 893-3230
Now Hear Ensemble (photo by Gaby Goldberg)
Now Hear Ensemble (photo by Gaby Goldberg)
As part of the Corwin Chair Series, the Now Hear Ensemble will perform a concert of works by Alexander Schubert, Simon Steen-Andersen, Florent Ghys, and UCSB Composition alumnus Federico Llach on Sunday, January 27th at 8 pm in Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall. 


Asthma (2017) // Simon Steen-Andersen
Commissioned by Andreas Borregaard and premiered at KLANG festival 2017. Borregaard says about the piece: "People breathe with lungs, the accordion breathes with the bellows. Breathing is essential for both. Through video with a soundtrack performed live, 'Asthma' shows the vivifying beauty of the flow of air, but also its horrifying features."

4 Bucolic Machines (2018) // Florent Ghys

4 Bucolic Machines is a piece in 4 movements: Woods, Basse, Robots, and Cabine. Each movement explores interactions of images and sounds. “Woods” is about associations between notes and playing techniques, and videos shot in the woods at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute residency. “Basse” replicates the effect of a scratched vinyl recording with a digital video of Federico Llach improvising on the double bass. “Robots” uses a chord progression from a piece of Baroque music along with a synthetic robot-clock. “Cabine” is made of an isorhythm combined with an unstable 16-step sequencer, and looks into a physical rotation inside a cabin at the Avaloch residency.

Borders (Sam es mi tío + I diari ) // Federico Llach

A series of works reflecting on issues of immigration: national policies, social integration, discrimination and family communications in the age of the internet.

Even when with our current mindset any attempt to imagine an alternative to world labour organization seem wishful thinking, it is also true that today, in the times of the Internet, national barriers start to feel like an outdated model. Two generations after the Gestarbeiter program boosted the growth of the Turkish community in Austria, several EU countries built fences to stop immigration – a practice also fostered by the US.

Sam es mi tío reflects on topics of immigration in the US; and I diari elaborates on immigration to the EU.

Hello (2014) // Alexander Schubert

Hello is an audio-visual piece in which the projection serves as a score to be interpreted by the ensemble. The video consists of gestures performed by the composer in his living room. The piece comes in eight movements and is an invitation into the personal world of Alexander Schubert. Please enjoy.

About the Artists

Now Hear Ensemble combines the intimacy of the classical concert experience with electronic music, video art, installation art, and contemporary theater, embracing both contemporary music and pop culture, as they believe a cross-genre approach leads to new territory for creativity.
Based in Los Angeles, the Now Hear Ensemble has performed at renowned venues such as the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT), the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University, the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at UC Berkeley, the Conrad Prebys Music Center at UC San Diego, the Center for New Music in San Francisco, the Fisher Museum at the University of Southern California, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara and the Carlsbad Music Festival.
Since their founding in 2012, the ensemble has commissioned and premiered over 25 new works from composers such as Dan VanHassel, Anthony Paul Garcia, Nick Norton, Constantin Basica, Joshua Carro, Jon Myers, Luke Taylor, Federico Llach, Marc Evans, Anders Lind, Mateo Lugo, Daniel Miller, Fernando Rincón Estrada, Eoin Callery, Kevin Zhang, David Gordon, Iván Naranjo, Carolyn Chen, Brandon Rolle, Mason Hock, Heena Yoon, David Werfrelmann, and Todd Lerew. Past projects have included a collaboration with California-based composers that resulted in their 2013 debut album and tour, "Made in California," as well as commissions of  installations and concert music made with bicycle wheels, paper shredders, ping-pong tables, megaphones, and custom-made instruments. In 2013, the ensemble’s recording of Dan VanHassel’s "Ghost in the Machine"—from "Made in California"—was featured on the BBC Radio 3 show “Late Junction.”
In September of 2016, the ensemble was in residence at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute, where they collaborated with composers Florent Ghys and Dan VanHassel on various projects, including VanHassel’s "Invective."
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Now Hear Ensemble (photo by Gaby Goldberg)