UCSB Scholarship Woodwind Quintet

Scholarship Woodwind Quintet
2016-2017 UCSB Scholarship Woodwind Quintet: Leslie Schlussel (horn), Sylvie Tran (flute), Minsu Kim (clarinet), Lexie Callaway-Cole (oboe), and Claire Garvais (bassoon) (photo by Ann Tardiff)
MUS A44, 144, 244
Director: Jill Felber
Class time and location: the Music department is planning for in-person instruction for all performance classes
This scholarship ensemble performs chamber works for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn. 

Audition Information

Auditions by arrangement with the director. Please email Professor Jill Felber at felber@music.ucsb.edu for more information. 
The UCSB Scholarship Woodwind Quintet is made possible by the A.F. Nuñes Woodwind Quintet Scholarship.