How To Use This Site

The Henry Eichheim Collection of Musical Instruments web site is split into seven main sections. These can be seen at the top of this page under the following headings (Figure 1).
Figure 1.

eichheim sculpture


kyi-tsi instrument

Henry Eichheim

oppenheimer gong

Seymour Oppenheimer



ling-tzu instrument

Geographic Areas

african kora



Site Search Engine





These headings are clickable, and provide you with the only way to navigate through each area. If you find yourself getting lost, simply glance up at the top bar and see which heading is colored dark, and which image associated with that heading is showing to the left, i.e., a sculpted head of Henry Eichheim will be showing while you are in the "Home" section of the site. (Figure 1)
Figure 2

How to Use this Website
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Three things will happen when you click on one of the headings at the top - the top bar will change to reflect the new section, the menu on the left hand side of the page will change, and the content in the center of the page will change as well. The left menu will now have a button labeled "Introduction" marked, as well as the other selections available in the section of the site you are in (Figure 2), i.e., the left bar in the home section will have eight selections, of which the "How to Use this Website" will be darker colored (because that is what is currently being viewed). (Figure 2)
Clicking on a left menu selection will change the content in the center. This will present you with a list of ways to explore the collection, under headings indicating what kind of source(s) are available. Once one of the sources has been clicked, it will be displayed in the center of the screen. After you have finished reading it, and want to get back to the list of sources, simply click on the source you wish to view next.