Scott Marcus

Scott Marcus
Ethnomusicology Program; Department Chair

Office Location

Music Building 1137


Middle Eastern & Indian Music
Area Head, Ethnomusicology Program


North Indian and Middle Eastern music and performance practice, Arab music theory, North Indian folk music; tuning and temperament.

“Modulation in Arab Music: Documenting Oral Concepts, Performance Rules & Strategies,” (Ethnomusicology, 1992); “The Interface Between Theory & Practice: The Case of Intonation in Arab Music” (Asian Music, 1993); “Recycling Indian Film Songs: Popular Music as a Source of Melodies for North Indian Folk Musicians” (Asian Music, 1993): “Parody Generated Texts: The Process of Composition in Biraha, a North Indian Folk Music Genre” (Asian Music, 1995); The Eastern Arab System of Melodic Modes in Theory and Practice: A Case Study of inaqam Bavvati” (Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 6, The Middle East, 2002); ”Creating a Community, Negotiating Among Communities: Performing Middle Eastern Music for a Diverse Middle Eastern and American Public” (in “Performing Ethnomusicology: Teaching and Representation in World Music Ensembles,” University of California Press, 2004).

Music in Egypt (Oxford University Press, 2007);
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 6, The Middle East, 2002. Co-editor.

Professor Marcus is the Founder and Director of the UCSB Middle East Ensemble and the Music of India (sitar) Ensemble and also directs the World Music Series. He is a member of UCSB’s Center for Middle East Studies and past Board member of the Society for Ethnomusicology and the Society for Asian Music. He also teaches at the annual Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp, in Mendocino, CA and at the annual Heartland Seminar on Arabic Music in Wisconsin.