Dr. Ruth Hellier-Tinoco publishes provocative chapter in Oxford Studies in Dance Theory volume "Choreographies of 21st Century Wars" (edited by Gay Morris and Jens Giedersdorf)

In her chapter titled  “Re: Moving Bodies in the USA/Mexico drug /border /terror /cold wars,” Dr. Hellier-Tinoco engages performative writing and analytical strategies to examine notions of corporeality in relation to multiple wars.

Eleven fragments of choreographies, corporeal gestures, spatial alignments, and embodiments provide provocative connections to diverse characteristics of the multiple wars being played out between and in the USA and Mexico — the USA war on drugs, on Communism, and on terror; the USA war on and in Mexico; the USA/Mexico border war; and the so-called Mexican drug war.

The fragments are drawn from the outstanding bilingual and binational interdisciplinary theater piece titled Timboctou, produced by CalArts, written by Mexican playwright Alejandro Ricaño, with choreography by Ichi Balmori. Performed by the same ensemble on both sides of the USA-Mexico border, the work articulated – in body, voice, space, and time – anxieties and issues concerning multiple wars. Disconnected from the narrative and characters, this chapter offers performative vignettes combined with interpretive, synthetic analysis, aiming to challenge readers to take a responsible and ethical witnessing stance as they are presented with disturbing acts of power, high finance and politics within transnational frameworks.

Available now: Choreographies of 21st Century Wars, edited by Gay Morris and Jens Giedersdorf. New York and Oxford: Oxford Studies in Dance Theory, Oxford University Press. 2016.

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Images: Timboctou, 2012. Photo by Steven A. Gunther. Courtesy of CalArts Center for New Performance.


Dr. Ruth Hellier-Tinoco