UCSB Jazz Ensemble featured on UCSB Amplified

The UCSB Jazz Ensemble is featured on the UCSB Amplified tumblr page!

'We proudly present the UCSB Jazz Ensemble as our next featured performance from season 2. Comprised entirely of full-time UCSB students from all academic disciplines, and directed by Jon Nathan. Here they perform the lively “Latin Dance”, composed and arranged by saxophonist Bob Mintzer. The song was written in the early 1980’s for the New York based Bob Mintzer Big Band, which featured many of the top name jazz musicians in the world.

In this recording, the UCSB Jazz Ensemble features these standout soloists: James Garcia, tenor saxophone; Jonah Tarashansky, alto saxophone; Dominick Burnham, trombone; Robert Beresford, trumpet; Addison Jerlow, piano and Shane Sato, drums.'

Check out the video here.