Ethnomusicology graduate student Stephanie Choi featured in Korea Times

Stephanie ChoiEthnomusicology graduate student Stephanie Choi was recently featured in a Korea Times article comparing the rise of K-pop in the U.S. to the 1960s “British Invasion.” Ms. Choi, who specializes in the global circulation of K-pop, weighed in on the effect technology and social media, particularly YouTube, have had on the success of bands like BTS and 2NE1. 
Read the full Korea Times article here.
Stephanie Choi is a Doctoral Candidate in Ethnomusicology at UCSB. She received her B.M. in Korean Music from Seoul National University and her M.A. in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University. Her current research focuses on the ways in which K-pop as a transnational practice endows cultural and political flexibility to the identity formations of social actors who engage in the K-pop scene. She is especially interested in how Korean and American youth’s participation in K-pop challenges and subverts the dominant social orders of race, ethnicity, nationality, and gender through popular cultural practices.
Stephanie Choi