The “King of Instruments”

From the Thursday, January 9th issue of the Santa Maria Times:

Pulling out all the stops: Head to Santa Barbara to hear UCSB's historic organ played by a master


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dubbed the organ the “King of Instruments,” but even Mozart knew that the King of the Organ was none other than Johann Sebastian Bach. In Bach’s day, the organ was a piece of engineering expertise that required thousands of moving parts to send air through a series of pipes, each with its own distinct timbre.

UC Santa Barbara is a far cry from Europe, where the organ tradition thrived, but it is home to a Bach-era Flentrop organ. Though it has sat in shutters for almost a decade, the college is re-introducing the instrument to local music lovers with a special concert. “Bach to Flentrop” will feature music by former UCSB organist Dr. James Welch.

“Flentrop is a company from Holland, and people like this kind of organ because it is more like an organ you would see in an European church,” Welch said. “So, it can play Baroque music very easily.”

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