Violist and UCSB alumnus Jonathan Morgan presents CONGRUENCY at SBCAST

Violist and UCSB alumnus Jonathan Morgan will present the second concert in his three-part series, CONGRUENCY, at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology (SBCAST) on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. For this series, the composer and performer, each dependent on the other, come together in an intimate setting to showcase new musical works. Audience members will experience a combination of live performance and spoken conversation between the composer and performer, revealing the collaborative genesis of each musical work. The May 21st concert will feature Federico Llach's Begin and Joshua Carro's [[[clouded]]]. The final installment of the CONGRUENCY series will be presented on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 7 p.m. All performances will take place in Studio E at SBCAST, located at 513 Garden St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. 
Tickets are $15 for general admission. Tickets for the May 21st concert are available at, and tickets for the June 10th concert are available at
About the Performer
Jonathan Morgan is a violist specializing in the music of living composers and a founding member of the Now Hear Ensemble, the Resident Ensemble at the UC Santa Barbara Department of Music. He is on the artist roster of the San Francisco-based record label Aerocade Music on which he released a recording of Nick Norton's Elegy II and is donating all proceeds from the recording to the ACLU. This season, Jonathan is giving world premier performances of newly-commissioned music at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Eureka Musical Minds of California Conference, the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater (REDCAT). Jonathan has performed as principal violist of the Santa Barbara Choral Society, Santa Ynez Valley Master Chorale, and as soloist with the Choir of St. Barbara Parish. He can be heard on three albums; My Hope is Arisen, Made in California, and The Lament Cycle. Jonathan holds a B.M. from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, a M.M. from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a D.M.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara. He is former faculty of violin, viola, and chamber music at the Preparatory and Continuing Education Department of the Cleveland Institute of Music. Learn more about Jonathan at jonathanmorganmusic.comPhoto by Gaby Goldberg.
About the Composers and their works
Concert 1: Friday, April 21, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Nick Norton’s Elegy II for solo viola was written in 2014 shortly after the Isla Vista shootings. While obviously horrific, the way the community came together afterward was inspiring. It’s a solemn piece, but it ends on a hopeful note. As there seems to be no end to violence theses days, that bit of hope is something we could all use. The recording of Elegy II, released on the Aerocade Music label, is available in all digital audio formats worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and all major music retailers. Learn more about Nick at
Anthony Paul Garcia’s Wait. for solo viola and electronics was written for Jonathan Morgan in early 2011. The initial movement, entitled Avoid Dance, actively avoids the pitch G, while the second movement, Bowing, relishes in it to the extent that it is crushed under its weight. Learn more about Anthony at
Concert 2: Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Federico Llach’s Begin for solo viola and electronic performer was jointly commissioned by Jonathan Morgan and Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg in early 2017, and is inspired by the democratization of hip-hop and other compositional techniques. Llach has made sampling a core procedure of his compositional process. Begin deals with the extrapolation of the conventional concept of virtuosism to the acoustic-performer-plus-electronics-performer set. Learn more about Federico at 
Joshua Carro’s [[[clouded]]] for electro-acoustic viola and live video was written for Jonathan Morgan in late 2016, and is one of 14 works in an electro-acoustic chamber works series called [[[nexus]]]. This chain of works was started in 2013 and stems from three joined ideas. Learn more about Josh at
Tickets are $15 and available at
Concert 3: Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Joel Feigin’s Lament for solo viola is part of a cycle of works consisting of Lament for solo viola, Ghosts for six violas, and Lament with Ghosts, in which the solo and ensemble pieces are played simultaneously, creating a concerto for viola accompanied by a consort of six violas. As the title implies, Lament is an expression of passionate, even operatic grief. Anguished writing featuring expressive quartertone trills and glissandi is set off by melodic sections of utmost simplicity. Learn more about Joel at
Christos Hatzis’ The Mega4 Meta4 for solo viola and fixed audio is the fifth and final piece of Earthrise, a pentalogy of electroacoustic works by the Greek-Canadian composer. In this work, religious symbolism and humour exist side-by-side in a mutually exclusive yet complementary partnership, creating a sense of "lightness" which permeates every aspect of the composition, notably in the choice of cheap 'street' material for example, and the conscious effort to realize the unexplored and often overlooked potential hidden within it. Learn more about Christos at
Tickets are $15 and available at
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Jonathan Morgan, viola. Photo by Gaby Goldberg.