UCSB Gamelan Ensemble featured in Santa Barbara Independent

The UCSB Gamelan Ensemble rehearses for their March 1 performance in a communal and peaceful atmosphere. Photo by Richie DeMaria.
The Santa Barbara Independent recently previewed the UCSB Gamelan Ensemble's upcoming World Music Series performance. The Independent's Richie DeMaria spoke with Richard North, director of the UCSB Gamelan Ensemble, about the history of the ensemble at UCSB, and what makes Indonesian gamelan music so unique.
"Gamelan Goes On at UCSB: Richard North Leads Indonesian Ensemble in Quarterly Concert" by Richie De Maria
"Richard North, leader of the UCSB Gamelan Ensemble, who performs its quarterly concert in the UCSB Music Department Bowl next Wednesday, March 1, remembers the first time he ever heard the entrancing Indonesian music at a music festival in 1971. 'I immediately fell in love with its rich textures and complex multilayered rhythms — not to mention the visual beauty of the carved and painted instruments,' he said. 'The feeling of being surrounded by the vibrations from the pulsing gongs, flutes, and xylophones is simply incomparable.'" Read the full article here.