Assistant Music Librarian Dr. Kyra Folk-Farber has article published in "College and Undergraduate Libraries" Journal

Dr. Kyra Folk-Farber. Photo by Karen Lindell.

UCSB Assistant Music Librarian Dr. Kyra Folk-Farber had an article published this month in the College and Undergraduate Libraries journal, entitled "Engaging undergraduates in copyright and fair use fundamentals". Read Ms. Folk-Farber's abstract below:


Undergraduate students have a limited knowledge of copyright basics. In order to fill this knowledge gap, I seek to engage undergraduates by providing them with an understanding of the ethics around copyright law, of their rights over their own contributions to their scholarly communities, of the availability of Creative Commons-licensed materials, and of how to exercise their fair use rights. Basic knowledge of these concepts is not only an integral part of understanding and engaging with information, but it also has the potential to motivate informed attitudes and behaviors around copyright. With this in mind, I designed an undergraduate class on copyright and fair use fundamentals that can be incorporated into any introductory college or university library instruction course or can be treated as a stand-alone session.

Read the full article here. 

Dr. Folk-Farber received a Bachelor of Music from the New England Conservatory and a Doctorate of Music from Université de Montréal, and after singing professionally for several years, completed a Master's of Information in Library and Information Science at the University of Toronto.