Dr. Linda Di Fiore featured in November Issue of "Classical Singer" Magazine

Dr. Linda Di Fiore, Area Head of the UCSB Voice Program, was recently featured in the November 2016 issue of Classical Singer magazine. Dr. Di Fiore was interviewed for the article "Don't Leave Home Without It", which focused on what classical singers find most valuable to pack when traveling.

"Aside from the ubiquitous and obvious choice of an iPhone/iPad/laptop that we all need, as a puzzle addict, I find that I can't travel without a book of puzzles--either a New York Times crossword puzzle book, or my latest obsession: Codeword puzzles. I find it relaxing, mentally challenging, and focused--all components of good singing and teaching of singing. I recently returned from Europe and I did Codeword puzzles the entire way, not turning on a movie once! The 10-hour trip went by very quickly!" - Linda Di Fiore, mezzo and UC Santa Barbara Area Head of voice.

To read the full article, "Don't Leave Home Without It" by Sara Thomas, please click on the links below:

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Dr. Linda Di Fiore