Picture Gallery 1998-1999

Winter 1999

Jazz Ensemble at the University Center "Hub"

A View from Above
Another View from Above
The Sax Section
Gabe Chesher solos

Jazz ensemble Concert with Special Guest Jimmy Haslip

Head shots of our guest artist

Two views of the full ensemble in rehearsal with Jimmy.
A rear view of the ensemble in rehearsal.
The trombone section.
Two combos rehearse with Jimmy.
Another combo picture
Director Jon Nathan tries to keep up.
Gabe Chesher takes a tenor sax solo.
Two views of Jimmy soloing.
Jon and Jimmy discuss a musical point.
A musical picture.
Guitarist Charlie Hitchcock.

Concert Hall Pictures
Two shots of the ensemble onstage.
Guitarist Charlie Hitchcock.
Gabe Chesher and Aaron Ha.
Two pictures of a combo performing onstage.
A view from the side.
Trombonist Jon Jones solos.
Two pictures of another jazz combo onstage.
Two pictures of Jimmy Haslip.

Spring 1999

Appearance at Santa Barbara High School Jazz Festival, June 1999

The ensemble warmup
The ensemble onstage

Concert Featuring the Genius of Ellington/Strayhorn
and Our Graduating Students

The ensemble onstage
A small ensemble performs early Ellington
A view from behind drummer Jon Harris
The sax section
Bassist Scott Friedland
Two views of the trumpet sectio
Pianist Valerie Taylor with the band in the background