Jazz Ensemble Course Syllabus

University Jazz Ensemble
Music 47S, 147S, 247S
T room 1250,TH room 1145 4:00-5:50 P.M
Jon Nathan, Director
(Home) 805-689-1029
(Office) 805-893-7167
email: jazz@music.ucsb.edu
Office, MUS 1220 • Office Hours by Appointment

Congratulations and welcome to the 2004-5 installment of the UCSB Jazz Ensemble. It is generally assumed that the band will remain the same throughout the whole year. You do not need to re-audition each quarter. In addition, I feel strongly that loyalty to contributing ensemble members is important, so in most cases, once you are in the band, you are in for as long as you would like as long as you continue to grow and to contribute to the band growth and development. A few pertinent facts:

Attendance: It is expected that you will attend every rehearsal and performance that are scheduled. Of course, conflicts arise, but as long as there is communication as to the nature of possible absences, there will be no problem with missed rehearsals. Chronic absence or tardiness will result in lowering of grades and/or expulsion from the ensemble. Unless I excuse a rehearsal, plan to meet every official day of the quarter in which there is class, including Thanksgiving week and dead week.

Registration: It is expected that all ensemble members will be registered for the class. Please consult the instructor if this is a problem.

Jazz Ensemble Web-page: Check out our web site at www.music.ucsb.edu/jazz and offer any comments or advice that you have. The site is horribly out of date, and I will update as soon as I have time.

Rehearsals and performances: Currently, there is one performance scheduled for this quarter. That could change. Dates other than the regularly scheduled concert performance will never be added without full ensemble agreement. The concert is currently scheduled for Friday, February 25. There will be another handout with concert information (repertoire and solos, RS assignments). Dress rehearsal for this concert will take place 3-5 p.m. on Friday Feb 25. Other concert dates I have confirmed so far:

none as of yet

Possible other festival appearances both in Santa Barbara and out. Also I will try to arrange dance gigs for the band for the purposes of fundraising.

Music: The music we play is expensive, sometimes rare, and many times irreplaceable. I don't have the time or resources to Xerox every chart we play so many times what you have in your book is the only copy. Therefore, I must warn you that lost music is a serious problem. I want everyone to take the books with them to practice, but be advised, lost music MUST be replaced in a suitable fashion. Ensemble members are financially responsible for their music, when replaceable with new parts. There are two options to consider here:

1) get a locker from Tommy Phillips and keep your instrument and music at school
2) Xerox the music yourself and give the originals back to me

Also, if I give you music that is Xeroxed loose sheets, take the few minutes it takes to scotch tape the pages together. NO QUESTIONS! Better for everyone in the long run. We also have a "Dance Book" for sight reading purposes and also possible "gigs". Those books will stay with the director unless specifically signed out. Please feel free to make recommendations as to types of repertoire as well as specific charts to play. I will do my best to program with everyone's best musical, entertainment, and pedagogical interests in mind.

Soloing: The name of the game is jazz, and soloing is encouraged. I will never refuse to grant a solo opportunity for anyone, within reason and ability. If you are interested in soloing on a specific chart, let me know, as soon as possible. Anyone interested in soloing must be involved with some type of jazz improvisation instruction and/or a combo where they can develop as a jazz soloist. I will make solo assignments as we go.

E-Mail: If you don't have e-mail it would be wise to get hooked up. I would like to eliminate as much wasted paper as possible. I would like to eventually be able to do all non-verbal communication via e-mail.

Social Considerations: It may sound funny, but I would encourage as much extracurricular activity with your band-mates as possible. From time to time I will have parties for the band, and hopefully we can all be as friendly as possible to each other. Of course, situations do arise. I would appreciate thoughtful, considerate behavior from every ensemble member, especially during rehearsals. Rude and offensive remarks WILL NOT be tolerated. Should any problems arise between ensemble members, I would like to be informed immediately. Let me help work out any problems. Also lets please keep the chatter during rehearsals to a minimum especially if you aren't playing a certain chart and are sitting in the audience.

Concert Attire: As with last year, I would like you all to have the following clothes for concert and other performances. Black shoes (not sneaker), black socks, black slacks (not jeans), white dress shirt with a colorful tie (women too if you want, or black skirt and white button down blouse), black button down dress shirt (long sleeve). Also have a nice set of clothes for more informal school performances (slacks, casual but nice shirt, nice shoes, not sneakers).

Jazz Committee: In order to help me plan and implement for the coming year, and also to serve as a link between ensemble and director, we have reformed the jazz committee. This quarter the committee consists of Chris Proudman (trumpets), Nathan Becker (trombones, Aaron Ha (saxophones), and Mike Young (rhythm). If you have problems, concerns or ideas that you wish to bring to the committee, either talk to your representative or the director.

Grading: Last but not least, your grade will be based the following : Attendance (25%), preparation of music and solos and other specific assignments (25%) concert performance (50%). Jazz Combos will perform the final week of the quarter during Jazz Ensemble time. You are expected to attend. Best of luck to you in this year. I look forward to working with you!