Loren Toder Memorial Scholarship

The UCSB community was shocked to learn of the death of one of the Music Department's most promising and outstanding students. Loren Toder died of natural causes before the Winter 1999 quarter began, and his loss was felt throughout the UCSB campus. Loren was not only an integral member of the jazz ensembles, and especially jazz combos, he was an active participant in all kinds of musical ensembles including the UCSB Symphony and numerous rock/funk groups on and off campus. His love for music and the bass was obvious to anyone who ever met him, and we miss him terribly.

The UCSB Music Department, with help from Loren's immediate family, has established a scholarship to honor Loren's memory and contributions to music at UCSB. This honor is to be awarded yearly to an outstanding student active in the UCSB Music Department in a variety of performance areas and disciplines. The first year (1999-2000), the honor was given to bassist Jennifer Green. The second year (1999-2000), the award was given to pianist Valerie Taylor, who was not only a close personal friend of Loren's, but who also cites Loren as her main influence for getting involved with jazz at UCSB. Last year, flutist Jill Heinke was the recipient. Jill not only is a wonderful flutist, but also a jazz bassist, having worked with the UCSB Jazz Combos and currently playing bass in the UCSB Jazz Ensemble. Below you will find some photos of Loren with other UCSB Jazz Ensemble students. May we never forget him.

Contributions to the Loren Toder Memorial Scholarship Fund may be made at any time. Please contact Judy Klinge in the Music Department office for details on how to make a contribution.