Jazz Combos at UCSB

Jazz combo instruction is a vital part of jazz instruction at UCSB. Because we lack a separate jazz theory and jazz improvisation class, all instruction in this area is conducted as part of the jazz combos class. The jazz combos also afford students the opportunity to get the small jazz combo experience that would not be available in the large ensemble setting. We are currently considering adding a course in Jazz Theory and Improvisation. For more information about this, please contact the music department or the jazz ensemble director. Combo performances for the Winter 2005 quarter will be held on Tuesday March 8 at 4 PM in Room 1250 (Geiringer Hall). Please click this link for the current combo syllabus.

There are currently 4 jazz combos for Winter 2005 of differing experience levels at UCSB:


Thursday 8-10 PM, Room 1213

Nate Harris, bass
Peter Cerenzio, guitar
Stacey Peterson, piano
Clay Johnson, drums
Chris Olin, vibraphone
Karl Russ, alto sax
Ashley Harrell, vocals


Tuesday 7-9 PM, Room 1213

Jeff Danciger, trumpet
Tyler Sussman, tenor saxophone
Brendan Wolffe, piano
Jessica McAllister, vocals
Chris Teeples, bass
David Landes, drums


Thursday 8-10 PM, Room, 1219

Emily Gogol, alto saxophone
Becky Sauer, tenor saxophone
Clark Terry, violin
August Estabrook, guitar
Alexandra Morrel, voice

Jon Ventura, piano
Matt Allen, bass
Thom Newbold, drums



Thursday 6-8 PM, Room 1219
Latin Jazz Combo

Colter Frazier, tenor saxophone
Kate Allen, tenor saxophone
George Boulos, alto saxophone

Roberto Myers, piano
Matt Allen, bass
David Landes, timbales
Jasper Conroy, bongos
Ellen Sue Chang, congas