Saturday, November 15, 2003

Three Tenors of Santa Barbara
(or simply. .Tenor Madness)


featuring Guest Artists

Ron McCarly, Tom Buckner and
Gustavo Lizarraga

with the
UCSB Jazz Ensemble and Combos

Gustavo Lizarraga


Dont' Git Sassy Thad Jones
UCSB Jazz Ensemble

Lester Leaps In Lester Young, arr. by Mark Taylor
UCSB Jazz Ensemble with all soloists

St. Thomas Sonny Rollins arr. by Bill Holman
UCSB Jazz Ensmeble with Ron McCarley

On the Brink Jerry Bergonzi
UCSB Jazz Combo with Tom Buckner

O Amor em Paz (Once I Loved) A.C. Jobim
UCSB Jazz Combo with vocalists Jessica McAllister

Body and Soul Jonny Green, arr. by Jon Nathan
UCSB Latin Jazz Combo with Gus Lizarraga

Battle of the Bop Brothers Matt Catingub
UCSB Jazz Ensemble with Ron McCarley and Tom Buckner

Ron McCarley


Giant Steps John Coltrane, arr. by Scott Hall
UCSB Jazz Ensemble with all soloists

Loose Change Ron Carter
Gus Lizarraga (tenor sax), Miles Jay (bass), and Jon Nathan (drums)

Delta City Blues Muchael Brecker arr. by Dave Eshelman
UCSB Jazz Ensmeble with Gus Lizarraga

Deluge Wayne Shorter, arr. by Chris Merz
UCSB Jazz Ensmeble with Tom Buckner

Goodbye Porkpie Hat Charles Mingus/Joni Mitchell arr. by Jon Nathan
UCSB Jazz Vocal Quartet with Ron McCarley

Friday Night at the Cadillac Club Bob Berg, arr. by Chris Culver
UCSB Jazz Ensemble with all soloists

Tom Buckner