Undergraduate - How to Apply

Please note: audition forms will open November 1. Please email the Undergraduate Program Advisor, Heidi Dinnogen, with any questions at music-undergradadvisor@ucsb.edu.

Application Procedure

The UCSB Department of Music admits new students in the Fall Quarter only.  Applicants must first apply for admission to the University of California either as a freshman or as a transfer student.  The UC application filing period is November 1st - 30th for enrollment in September of the following year.  For more information on UC eligibility, please visit the University of California website.
This section is for all freshman applicants as well as transfer applicants from outside of UCSB.The total application fee is $70. Transfer students should also refer to Transferring to UCSB Music FAQ section.

Step one

  • Complete the UCSB Undergraduate Application between November 1 - 30. The application fee is $70.
  • Please note that applicants are permitted to apply simultaneously to both the Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies and the Bachelor of Music with a specific instrumental or vocal emphasis. The BM program must be selected as the first-choice major on the UCSB Application.

Step two

  • Complete the UCSB Instrumental Audition Form or Vocal Audition Form between November 1 and December 10. Auditions will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Audition forms will open November 1, they are currently closed. Please email any questions to music-undergradadvisor@music.ucsb.edu.
  • Determine the specific Audition Requirements for your chosen program.
  • You will be notified of your audition date and time by email. For Fall 2018 applicants, audition dates will be announced soon. Typically they are the last two weekends in January. Please do not make travel plans or purchase tickets until you have received official notification that your audition has been scheduled.

Step three

Transfer Students

Visit our Transferring to UCSB FAQ section for important information about transferring.

International Students

Visit our International Student Admission section for important information about applying as an international student.


Feel free to contact us at music-undergradadvisor@music.ucsb.edu or 805-893-5672.