Freshman Admissions

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies (BA), balances musical studies in performance, theory, musicianship, and history with the broad general education implied by a liberal arts degree. Emphasis in the BA include Music Studies, Ethnomusicology, Western Art Music and Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Music, is a professional degree, and the majority of work consists of prescribed courses in studies in performance, theory, musicianship, and history and intense study in applied music, requiring proficiency in an instrument, voice, or conducting.

Undergraduates may apply for either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or the Bachelor of Music (BM) degree programs. Admission to the BM requires an entrance audition. Admission to the BA program does not require an audition, though entrance into lessons and ensembles will require auditions at the beginning of Fall quarter. The UCSB Department of Music does not prescreen undergraduate applications.

The curriculum concentrates on chamber music, but includes a broad range of courses in popular music, jazz, world music, and music and technology. Completion of the major can prepare students for professional careers in performance, teaching, and scholarship.