Information for Incoming Students

Undergraduate Theory and Musicianship Placement Exam

Please notify the department if you do not intend to take this exam, all new Music students are required to take this exam.

This exam will be offered during the pre-instruction week of Fall quarter only. The exam presumes prior training in music theory and musicianship. Students will be placed in Music 11, 5A, B or C, and Music 4A, B or C. Students unfamiliar with music theory should take MUS 11, Fundamentals of Music and do not need to take the exam. This exam may not be repeated.

BM transfer majors with no theory experience should strongly consider taking Music 11 in the Summer prior to entrance.

First Quarter Recommended Classes

Please note that this is a general guide based. Various degree emphasis, placement exams and transfer courses or other exams (e.g. Language proficiency) may have already fulfilled some of these requirements prior to enrollment at UCSB. After admission, and before registration, is important to schedule an appointment with the Staff Undergraduate Advisor to discuss an appropriate degree plan based on your past studies and degree requirements.

Music 3A, Introduction to Music Studies

Music 4A, Musicianship - You will drop this during the first week of classes if you place at a higher level after taking the placement exam. You will pick up this series wherever you placed

Music 5A, Music Theory - You will drop this during the first week of classes if you place at a higher level after taking the placement exam.

Music 10A, History of Music – If you placed out of the 5 series, you may want to start the MUS 10 series if you have not transferred this requirement in.

Music 31A, Class Piano - You may drop this the first week of classes if you place out of this requirement during the audition.

Music 120-133, Individual Instruction - Choose the appropriate course number for your instrument or voice. BM students must register for 3 units, and BA students and composition students must register for 1 unit.

A Performance Ensemble, Music A134-A170AA-ZZ - this may vary; choose from the selection on your requirement sheet or if you are considering a switch from BA to BM, take the requirement for BM.

French, German or Italian. Primarily applicable to voice and piano majors. All students at UCSB will need to complete a language proficiency requirement, which may have been met in high school or at another college. If not, these are the languages Music students are advised to study (if not required for their degree).

Auditions for Individual Lessons & Ensembles

For individual lessons (and most ensembles), MUS 108, 120-133, and A134 –A170AA-ZZ, an audition is required. Typically this will happen in the week before the quarter starts, or during the first day of class. Most ensembles have information about the audition listed their webpage.

Practice Room Keys & Lockers

To arrange for a practice room key or locker, please contact Anthony Garcia to set up an appointment. Music Department rooms are ONLY for students enrolled in Music Department ensembles or lessons. A $40 deposit is required, checks or money order (available at the Post Office in the UCen) only, made out to UC Regents.

If you need a room to warm up for an audition for a Music Department offered lesson or ensemble, please see the Advising Office in Music 1314 during office hours to see if a space is available during this time only. Once you are accepted into a lesson or ensemble, you will need to arrage for your own key.