Audition Expectations for Upper-Division Standing

For students entering at Junior (or above) standing:

BM Emphases in Voice

Program must include French, German, Italian and English art song performed from memory. Arias from opera or oratorio are permitted, though not required.  Candidate must provide one copy of music for the accompanist.

BM Emphases in Bassoon, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, And Tuba

Major repertoire for the instrument.  Consult faculty for specific requirements.

BM Emphases in Double Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin

Two or three contrasting works from different historical periods. At least one work must be performed from memory.

BM Piano Emphasis

Four contrasting works from different historical periods. One of the works must consist of two or more movements of a sonata from the Classical period, and another must be a Chopin Etude or comparable virtuosic work.

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions must be performed from memory. Sight-reading will be tested at entrance auditions. New repertoire must be presented each year. At the end of each year, the student must submit a list of repertoire studied and performed. Auditions may repeated solely upon the request of the Keyboard Committee.

BM Composition Emphasis

Composition applicants are not required to audition in person. The deadline for portfolio submission is January 31. Please submit your portfolio directly to


  1. Statement of Objective as composition major
  2. Three works, submitted with score (.pdf) and recording (.mp3 or .wav) if available. For works with no or non-traditional notation, alternate documentation is acceptable.
  3. Complete List of Works, indicating any performances and recording