Transfer Admissions

The Department of Music offers two degrees with a major in Music: the Bachelor of Music, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies.
Entrance to the Bachelor of Music (BM) programs at any level is only by audition to talented performers who meet the required standard. If you are applying to the BM as a transfer student and wish to enter with upper-division status, you should come in sufficiently prepared with much of your preparation work done at your previous college. As a guide, you can use the degree sheet for your prospective BM in (instrument). With the exception of the Music 3 series of courses, most (if not all) of the preparation for the major courses should have been taken at your college.
Although the University may grant transfer of all units from most junior colleges and other universities, the Department of Music does some evaluations in the form of placement tests and auditions in many of these lower- division courses: namely musicianship, theory, piano proficiency, and performance courses. In these courses, transfer students who have already done two years of study may find that, after the placement tests in the first week of classes and auditions taken then or at Entrance Auditions, they are placed at an earlier stage of equivalence at UCSB. Please see the undergraduate advisor in the Music department as soon as you become a student at UCSB to plan accordingly.
General Education Preparation: All transfer students from California community colleges are strongly urged to complete the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). Transfer students who have any omissions in the IGETC program at the time of transfer must satisfy all requirements within the General Education program of the College of Letters and Science at UCSB. Please note that one of the separate University Regulations (not a College General Education Requirement) - the American History and Institutions Requirement - is not covered by the IGETC and also has to be met while at UCSB, if not fulfilled earlier.
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